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Sighted species: Dozens of humpback whales, a pod of (short beaked) common dolphins, and many other seabirds and sea lions.

 This experience, was absolutely breathe taking, literally. I was fortunate enough to witness two humpback whales breaching at seperate times. One was a BABY humpback, leaping backwards. The second was an adult I believe, that did a side breach. (I caught both of these on video, and the screenshots of the perfect moments are below.) The feeling you get when you see this happen before your eyes is really intense. Your heart suddenly gets HOT, your breathe hitches, a joyful warmth bursts from your chest. I can imagine the whales feels some sort of joy when they breach, so their feelings are almost transfered to you in that instance. I would love to experience this over and over.

 This trip was also so much more tolerable than the last one, the boat wasn't as crowded and there weren't loud people. There was always a chance to see something amazing happen.